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Saturday, March 19, 2011

BEATIMPRINT PERFORMING @ EQINOX MISH MASH 2011 Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive In 2326 E Cesar Chavez

we will be here today...
2326 E Cesar Chavez
> > > > > > Saturday - 3/19

1:00 pm-ST37(Austin), 1:40pm-Dreamend(IL), 2:30pm-Hospital Ships(KS),
3:10pm- Appleseed Cast(KS), 3:50pm-My Education(Austin), 4:40pm-We are Animal(UK),
5:30pm-Killdeer(Austin), 6:15pm-Gold Beach(Austin), 7pm-Yellowbirds (NY),
8pm-Beat Imprint(Austin), 9pm-Total Unicorn (Austin)[multi media!]+Little Stolen Moments

ice cream, Wondercraft, Ararat also present

all days will feature visual art exhibit and music inside Starving Art building created and curated by Up Art Collective

*time slots are irregular/uneven to leave buffer room for things running early or late*

Sound man for 3/18 and 3/19 will be Matt Burnett

Special thanks to our friends who have kindly donated to this party:
Adrian Cortez, Beat Imprint, Headbump Studios, Benjamin Wright, Julie Wang,
Gus Clemens, Graveface Records, Rebecca Terranova, Vivian tang, Sam Wurzel, and Vincent Durcan.

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