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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Art Is NOT Just Something That Hangs On A Wall...A MAN NAMED PEARL: Bishopville, SC

We saw this documentary on television a bit ago, so we decided to go & see Friar's Garden for ourselves. We also we're lucky enough to get a personal tour by Mr. Friar. Also i've included the trailer from the documentary, "A Man Named Pearl"

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the road Pt.1

My life is not all nightclubs, bars, &...well maybe it mostly is, but this week we hit the road, a little bit differently. Here are some shots of Brookgreen Garden in Myrtle Beach, SC
Besides being extremely beautiful it also contains one of the largest collections of figurative sculpture anywhere in the country. i may to a couple more post about this week.

all photos John Gomi

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mark You Calendars: July 29th & 30th It's On!!! : John Gomi & Scorpio #drunks @ Iron Gate & Big Frieda, Orion, & Dj Cauze One @ the Scoot Inn



July 30 – No Limit with Orion, Cauze One and Big Freedia

July 30th at The Scoot Inn

Raw Word Records, Knuckle Rumbler and The Glitoris Present

The No Limit Party

Hosted by DJ Orion and Cauze One

Performance by the Queen Diva of Bounce - Big Freedia w/ DJ Rusty Lazer and bounce dancers!

$5 all night / 21 and up welcome, DOORS AT 9pm

Make ‘em say ‘UHHHHHHHH’ might be the truest sh*t ever said.

There is no stopping Peligrosa’s leader DJ Orion in creating the best parties and presenting the most eclectic music to dance to. July 30th is a complete continuation of everything you enjoy about the weekend, DJ Orion and of course Knuckle Rumbler. We are taking you back across more then two decades of New Orleans hood and party music to show you that we have that Ice Cream skill to let y’all know we Bout it Bout it.

To make this a true New Orleans scene we are bringing back the one and only Big Freedia and DJ Rusty Lazer to show everyone how to make it bounce. If you haven’t seen her perform at the Azz Everywhere events that Rusty puts on then just understand that she gets the backing of Diplo, Spank Rock, Galactic, Ninjasonic, and is one of the most recognizable artists coming out of Nola right now. Bounce is like this – take some of the most hypersexual, bump and grind you can imagine, remove everything but the sexed up chorus, speed it up and try to keep up!

This party has No Limit to the redonkulousness that will ensue. See everyone at The Scoot. Shake ya ass but watch yo’ self!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Luis is Awesome, & heading to NYC, We'll have to go visit!

Isabel J, John Gomi & Dj Scorpio

Isabel J in the Mix!!!
my dash!
Ericka Kinke Herod, Kellen, & Isabel J
Ericka Kinke Herod

& a funny one...
all photos isabel jaramillo, or john gomi

Friday, July 9, 2010

As close as I'm getting...for a minute. Dj Fuck Me Fuck Me , Prince Klassen, Japan, & STDs

photo John Gomi
Ran into Dj Fuck Me Fuck Me @ Hot Topic in the mall the other(never mind what i was doing there) but she compared it to running into one of you friends @ the gynecologist. I think it's closer to an STD clinic, ANYWAY, not the point of the post... our other friend DJ Prince Klassen is heading to Japan for the next couple of months & we wish him Bon Voyage! Reprezent, Son!!!

OK, on that note if you like to keep up with him you can follow his tweets here...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey, did this in one take this afternoon, it's Balearic & chill, but also kinda NY electro disco-y.
Imagine waking up in Miami by the pool, but not sleeping until after the afterhours NY or Paris

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Known Andy for a minute, but was just listening to them & you should too.
Below is a link to their Myspace, yeah i used the M-word. Anyway, check 'em out!
White Rhino & I @ END BAR

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lunch @ Diner 24

April Gomi & Diner 24 for lunch
All Photos John Gomi