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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GOMI' GOING'S ON 5.27.09 THE 411, YO!!! or where did the last month of my life go?

ok, here's were our world is @ right this minute. we're still recovering from flipside 2009 anyway, we've been phoneless, netless, & some of us clothesless from thur-mon of this last week. FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!!! unfortunately i can't show any pictures of said fun, but i will give you a peak, uh peek with a fireworks photo from sunday's "burn" ie "controlled demolition" & fireworks show F@#$#NG AWESOME!!!!( made the city of austin fireworks look wimpy in comparision) but, we're back to our somewhat un-usual scheduel this week with the open jam on friday from 9PM-12AM & semi-regular shop hours. we do also have new arrivals from dissizit!,, defend nola, & a new batch of gomi cat chruch keys, swing through & check us out!!!

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