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Saturday, December 27, 2008

HEY, Haven't posted since before christmas,&...

WOW! Happy Holidays!!! been meaning to post but it's been hectic. everytime i turn around it's saturday morning & i've lost a week. ugh!!! anyway, here's where we're @ right this minute. the fridays @ the fifth are doing well we been really chill the last 2 weeks because of the holidays but we'll be back in full swing after the new year for sho'. jeremy & i played @ don's b-day last week @ black & tan. good times had by all!!! i'll be playing with richard gear & prepmode on the 30th for the last sounds fun! of the year. i'm on a really out there thing right now. so come see us, for sure on the dj tip right now for me space is the place. just remember smoke more i sound awesome!!! hahaha also i'm back in the NO-LA after the 31st for a bit so i'm running away...anyway, i'm sure i'll post more this week got some new tracks, new mixes in the works, & a whole lot more.
tlk @ ya' soon.

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