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Saturday, April 11, 2009

GOMI' GOING'S ON 4.11.09 ***UPDATE***

Hey, ya'll just a heads up about the world that is gomi/g-on-5!
Anyway, right now post SXSW/WMC we're survived both, a little worse for wear, but we're alive.
We're in the editing process for shop bring in new stuff, getting rid of old. since it's almost a whole new endeavor we're going through some growing pains, or hours are still screwy, & because of when we decided to dive into the whole fifth thing stocking new stuff is also i bit transitional but we're getting it knocked out. thanks to madgods,failure,illuminati, pop noir, etc we got the store stocked fully for sxsw, now we're , though the hump we'll be revamping th interior, fixing the floors, working on the front windows etc. but, we will be open generally Wed.-Sat. 3-6PM & Later on Fridays, 9PM-? because of our Fridays @ the Fifth Party Come plug in or grab a mic & get down.
Well, that's where we are as of 3:21PM on Sat April 14th. keep & checking back & we'll keep updating. thanks