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Saturday, April 18, 2009

FINALLY GOT MY COPY THIS IS F#$!!ING AWESOME!!! The Stephen Sprouse Book by Mauricio Padilha, Tama (FRW) Janowitz in Books

As a product of the 70s i came of age in the excess of the 80s looking forward each month to the next andy warhol's interview magazine, & steven saban's column in Detail's magazine.(when details was a new york nightlife staple, before it went south & turned into a terrible men's magazine in the 90's. anyway, i covented those magazines with images of club kids, rupaul pre supermodel, robert longo, basquiat, andy, & '84 fashion sensation stephen sprouse. i look @ those images from back then & i'm still blown the f@#4 away. so when i first read a preview a few months ago in sportwear international magazine i just couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy well i finally got it, & it's freakin' awesome. if you are a fan of fashion grab this book. i've included the amazon description to, so check it out!!!

The Stephen Sprouse Book by Mauricio Padilha, Tama (FRW) Janowitz in Books

y Mauricio Padilha, Tama (FRW) Janowitz - Rizzoli International Publications, Incorporated (2009) - Hardback - 224 pages - ISBN 0847832163

Inventive, enigmatic, and supremely creative, Stephen Sprouse made art and clothing that captured the mood of the eighties. One of the first American designers to mix graffiti and a punk aesthetic with fashion, Sprouse manipulated conventional notions of style, and his unique sensibility has inspired designers from John Galliano to Raf Simmons to Marc Jacobs. Sprouse’s career started in the late seventies, when, after working for Halston, he migrated to a warehouse on the Bowery and started making outfits for his neighbor, Debbie Harry. The fashion world quickly embraced his innovative, culturally relevant sensibility and downtown edge. But Sprouse’s inability to compromise his artistic vision for the rigid fashion business compromised his commercial success. The Padilhas possess the largest private collection of Sprouse’s work, and were given exclusive access to his archives by his family for this project. They also obtained never-before-published images from photographers such as Steven Meisel, Bob Gruen, and Mert and Marcus. The book features a foreword by the novelist Tama Janowitz, one of Sprouse’s closest friends. The release of this book coincides with a retrospective at Deitch Projects. The book will be available with four different jackets, each featuring a different Day-Glo color, an homage to Sprouse’s iconic album cover for Debbie Harry’s Rockbird.