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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OK, I know i'm a fashion @#$!! whatever, step to me yo!!!haha

my man c-plus & I we're having coffee last year & he was like, "you know we're both fashion people..." & i was still in my @##!!!2nd street retail i hate retail denial phase so i was like NO!NO!NO! anyway, the last year with the gallery/shop thing presenting itself, back @ retail, whatever. i've been fired up about the fashion stuff again. that's why i'm posting about this months french Vogue. It's an awesome Coco Chanel special issue. i know everything been sid about coco chanel, but this is a modern take on the new Chanel joints. it's cool. the layout's are hipa@#$ check it out, i'm sure it's available here in the provinces @ borders or barnes & noble. i get mine @ the porno shop on S. congress & william cannon. ONE OF THE BEST LEGITIMATE NEWSTANDS IN AUSTIN!!! it's where i get my Purple too. anyway, stag a copy. Lastly,it is in French with no translation, so most folks will be SOL, but look @ the photo speads they are spectacular.

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