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Thursday, March 5, 2009


hey, this was for sure one of my favorite compilations it' came out in 90's pretty rare but they just got a bunch of deadstock copies @ i'll provide the direct link in a second, but wow it's awesome seriously i'm also including the discog review. i bought a copy & you should too. you hear me play cuts from it @ the next few show i have coming up during sxsw especially Plutopia 2009.
check it!!!

here's the direct link... click link....

headz cd

Various - Headz : A Soundtrack Of Experimental Beathead Jams


1.01 Patterson Freedom Now (Meditation)
1.02 Attica Blues Contemplating Jazz
1.03 Awunsound Symmetrical Jazz (Flapper Till 5am Mix)
1.04 Nightmares On Wax Stars
1.05 La Funk Mob Ravers Suck Our Sound
1.06 M.F. Outa 'National Miles Out Of Time (Astrocentric Mix 'n' Beats)
1.07 RPM The Inside
1.08 Autechre Lowride
1.09 Olde Scottish Wildstyle (The Krush Handshake)

Mixed By - Howie B.
Scratches - DJ Krush
2.01 DJ Shadow Lost & Found (S.F.L.)
2.02 Skull Destroy All Monsters
2.03 Deflon Sallahr ... Don't Fake It
2.04 RPM 2000
2.05 Palm Skin Productions Slipper Suite (I) Jeremy's Velvet Slippers (II) Moonrakers (III) Unspeakable Acts
2.06 UNKLE The Time Has Come (U.N.K.L.E. vs. The Major Force Ems Orchestra)

Co-producer - Major Force West E.M.S. Orchestra
2.07 Howie B. Head West - Gun Fight At The O.K. Corrall
2.08 Tranquility Bass They Came In Peace
2.09 DJ Shadow In-Flux (Alternative Interlude '93 Remix)

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