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Monday, March 19, 2012

& PT.2 Peligrosa x Beat Imprint @ Yuki (NEW ORLEANS) March 24th

Beat Imprint is Proud to present
Kings of Digital Cumbia the
Peligrosa Allstars @ Yuki

Peligrosa Allstars

Established December 2007, PELIGROSA is a collective of DJs, producers and visual artists reenergizing the sights and sounds of Latin Americas past, present and future. We promulgate the antiquity of our deeply rooted sounds, cherishing it's beauty, sheading light on it's uniqueness while making it relevant to today's audience. We play a wide variety of styles and enjoy music from the continents of South America, Africa and parts of Europe. We are dangerous music!

Dj King Louie
Manolo Black
John Gomi(beat imprint)
Commander Quito (Taking Photos)

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