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Saturday, September 18, 2010


I spoke to my friend Sam Guelimi this week via email & she say she's very happy with this issue of Edwarda & says it's " the most personnal. It looks like me..."

So, I am so excited to announce the new arrival this week of Edwarda #3 "Ivresse" from our favorite purveyor's of artful & hip French erotica Sam Guelimi & John Jefferson Selve

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Product photos beside cover are done as if you were
thumbing thru Edwarda as to give feeling of reading.

Edwarda #3 entitled "Ivresse" which translates somewhat to "drunkness, or intoxication" which is the theme for this issue of Edwarda.

Import French text some English

This issue contains contributions by Gilles Berquert, Giasco Bertoli, Norbert Cassegrain, Ingred Caven, Jean PaulCiveyrac, Emmanuel Giraud, Yannick Haenel, Constance La Valee, Stephan Levy Kuentz, Simon Liberati, Mirka Lugosi, Raphael Neal, Henry Roy, Mathieu Torence, & Olivier Zahm

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