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Thursday, August 5, 2010

"ROAD" Scholar... & Lunch with Cthulhu

This Summer our Gomi world has got is globetrotting. We've been in about a dozen different states, in about as many days. After June ebb & flow experience in NYC, & eventually Chicago, ETC in June prompted the desire for a roadtrip, we are taking on the occupation of "Road" Scholars, I think I've developed a cheap motel fetish... Here are a few shots from this week alone.
All Photos John Gomi
I-10 @Sunset heading to Houston, Tx

We Get Up! Late, Late nite New Orleans
Bywater, New Orleans
Lunch w/ Chuthulu
Designer, & Gomi cat designer, Skye Ashbrook
April Gomi & "limited edition" table cloth by john gomi & the Skza
New Orleans, LA

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