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Friday, February 5, 2010


So, I am sure you have all heard about Fashion Freakout 3 by now. I am here to remind you that purchasing tickets now is pretty pertinent if you haven't yet. I work at Prototype, so I hear about these things. Chances are if you wait for the night of, you are going to be S.O.L.
Reasons to go:
1. I also have it on good authority that there is going to be free booze to be had by all on Friday. First of all, get there early. The fashion show will be starting at 9 p.m. so you won't want to miss that, but there will be free liquor early, so you are going to want to tap in on that before it runs out.
2. After the fashion, there will be a dance party inside with The Strageboys DJing. There will also be free booze inside provided by Prototype.
3. The Carrots will be playing a marvelous set during intermission. I have seen this band twice, and trust me they rock. I cannot get sick of them.
4. Rocking set list for the catwalk -- I have heard it, and approve.
5. Buffalo Exchange, New Bohemia and Prototype Vintage fashion shows, obviously. This is going to be amazing. Anybody (female or male) can enjoy watching this. There will be women's and men's lines presented by each store. Plus, I am walking.
6. Simply put, it is going to be bad ass.

The Carrots, photo by Corey Ryan
Yeah, it goes a little something like this. Get Ready.

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