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Thursday, December 10, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS:Yoka Series I Blind Box, Mini G-Robot, Chibi Charm - Mad, S.L.M. "Devilock Edition"

Mini G-Robot

G-Robot makes its come-back in the form of a 12-variant mini series. Each figure stands almost 10cm (4 inches) tall, has 6-points of articulation and comes with a key-chain.

Designers involved with this series included:

Jukai, Remix Taipei, Revelator, Dacosta!, Marka27, Antz, Filter017, Phalanx, VinylPulse and adFunture Studio.

$9.50 each

Yoka Series I Blind Box

The long awaited Yoka Series 1 is finally here!!! 18 variants in this series, designed by artists and labels that we love. Collaborators include Huck Gee, Bunka, Buff Monster, INVOKE, Phallic Mammary, DGPH, Frank Kozik, Filter017, Mishka NYC, Mania from Taipei, Wrong Wroks, Playground and Archiv.

$7.50 each

Chibi Charm - Mad

Designed by Dacosta / Jeremy MADL
Vinyl, weighted with a metal coin.
3.5" tall. Edition Size of 500.

S.L.M. "Devilock Edition"

Japanese street fashion brand, DEVILOCK, is no stranger to designer vinyls and styles. The 11 years old Devilock recently collaborated with adFunture on this SLM piece. Approx 9" tall. Edition of 500.


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