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Sunday, June 21, 2009

GOMIGOINGSON: 5th Gallery/ G on 5! Update Shows & Weekly Events

OK, We're getting fairly stable in how we're running, so i'll just go ahead & post some of our regular events & upcoming events as well.

Wednesdays: 7-11pm We are now doing a circuit being workshop called Bender Blender hosted, by MC DR. STRANGE POWERS this is an informal get together where beginners, fans, & hobbyists exchange ideas & work on projects together. Everyone is invited & open exchange is encouraged!!!

Fridays 9-12 Midnight-ish We are hosting Fridays @ the Fifth which originally began as a dj thing, & had mutated into an open live music jam with djs, mcs, & live musicians performing & getting to know & work with each other, without the "i'm in a bar, & playing my set" vibe. also, open to all levels of ability & all styles of music. We are actually crossing over with Bender Blender by have some of the experimental intstruments being incorperated into or Friday music making sessions.

Also coming up in July....

July 10th-24 : We will be doing a photography show: artists TBA
opening will be Friday July 10th 7PM

July 12th (SUNDAY): DRAW! 2.0 This will be our second installment of our open drawing session. Paper will be provided, & all levels of artists are encouraged to come down & participate in our "blackbook" sessions. 3PM-7PM

As we grow, we will keep adding events, openings, & shows, so keep checking with us!!!
the fifth gallery/ g on 5! crew

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