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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GOMI' GOING'S ON 1.7.09 THE 411, YO!!!

hey, here's a quick "where we @?" ok holidays are over, & we're back in work mode. my "year off" from djing, which didn't really happen i just cut back ALOT is over so your going to see ALOT more of me playing. been unofficially @ black & tan the last couple of weeks really enjoyed that. we also have a series of shows i want to get together so we're working on those. Friday's @ th fifth gallery continue to evolve. i'll post a new track from one of the last sessions of the year in this post.

Also as far as retail is concerned we're still actively getting the retail @ the fifth up & running, it's slow but it's coming we promise!!! Anyway, we'll keep you posted as our world keeps turning.
c u out!!!

5 corners- jg vs disco hospital

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